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Rules and Regulations


*Download the 2017 Rules and Regulations HERE* 





2017 Rules and Regulations




General Information:

This booklet contains the official rules and car specifications for all sanctioned events of the Affordable Controlled Micro Sprint Series, herein called the ACMS Series. Any point not covered herein shall be resolved by the ACMS Series or their appointed representative.It is the intent of ACMS Series to NOT revise the rule book during the season. However, we reserve the right to make changes when necessary for safety, cost or technical reasons.

All cars MUST display the official ACMS Series decal to be eligible for points. Cars must display the ACMS Series decal on the front edge of the top wing. Decals shall be provided free of charge by the ACMS Series.

Age Limit:

In general, the minimum age of a member driver will be 14 years of age. However, an underage driver that has at least 4 years of racing experience in a competitive form of racing may be given an opportunity to drive in hot laps to allow the rules committee to evaluate his/her ability to handle a car.



Micro Sprint car racing is a very emotional sport. As such, good sportsmanship is the key element of any competitive racing program. This must include respect for all participants - drivers, owners, pit crews and officials. For our part we will make every effort to be consistent with our rules regardless of whom or what is involved. We will treat all participants with respect and expect similar treatment in return. A racer’s pit area is his castle - therefore, please stay out of other racer’s pit area. Drivers - remember that you are responsible for the actions of your crews. Any offending parties will be fined appropriately and disciplinary actions will be initiated as deemed necessary.


Please bring your RACEceiver to every race. We reserve the right to penalize drivers that do not run their RACEceiver.

No two way radio communications with drivers will be allowed.





An AceWell AC-1100 Digital Tachometer with recall is mandatory. The tachometer must be mounted under the hood of the car so it can not be reached by the driver

If the Tachometer is not turned on or it is zeroed out the car will be disqualified.





Pre-Season Tech:




A pre-season "Tech Party" will be set up to tech all engines that will be running in the ACMS Series. Engines must be brought with the head removed. Engines will be teched against a completely stock engine of the same Make/Model/Year and then put togetner and sealed.




Engine 600cc 4 cylinder 4 stroke as comes on a stock production bike for public sale in the U.S.A. No current year production engines.

Except as noted, all internal and external engine parts must remain stock with no modifications, metal removal, blueprinting.

Valve seat inserts may be reworked. Valve springs may be shimmed with standard or aftermarket shims.

Cylinder head combustion chambers may be cleaned by bead blasting with valves seated in place.

A total combined .010 may be removed from head and block deck in the event of warpage/damage.

Cylinder head gaskets may be replaced only with original equipment manufacturer’s stock parts (All 3 layers of the head gasket must be used). All other gaskets may be replaced with duplicate aftermarket parts. Light cleaning of gasket surfaces with steel wool, Scotch-Brite, etc. is allowed.

Aftermarket cam chain tensioner allowed for safety of motor.

Adjustable cam timing is prohibited.

Factory stock ECU with factory stock rev limit matching year and manufacturer of engine is required. No more than one (1) ECU per vehicle.

Mixing of manufacturer parts is prohibited (i.e. Yamazuki, etc.).

Modification of oil pan & pick up allow allowed or aftermarket ok.

Modification to thermostat cover allowed or aftermarket ok.

Modification to water pump cover allowed or aftermarket ok.

No flammable liquids allowed in cooling systems.

Traction control devices are prohibited.

All engines will be subject to tear down at any time. During tech, engines will be thoroughly checked for compliance. A static compression test may be performed. Factory settings (with a tolerance) will be checked. Teams must be prepared to remove their oil pan plug and oil at any time for tech purposes.





Transmission gears may be shimmed only for the purpose of proper engagement.

Standard or aftermarket shims may be utilized.




Fuel Injection:

The fuel injection system must be from the same manufacturer and model as the engine and must be modified for Methanol. No boring or modifications of the throttle bodies except for TPS reliability issues.


A Power Commander may be used but ALL other mapping devices are prohibited.

Fuel injection engines may run carburetors.No timing modules allowed. Fuel injection engines running carburetors may change all fuel metering devices to tune fuel curve. Billet intake boots allowed. 





Any 600cc OEM CV carburetors - NO FLAT SIDES.

Modification to the carburetor for methanol must be made.




Air Box:

Any air box, stock appearing CDI, aftermarket washable replacement air filter.

Power Commander on fuel injection models only.

No superchargers, turbo chargers or nitrous.





Any header can be used. A muffler must be used with the exhaust system that will keep noise levels within individual track limits.




Charging System:

The original factory charging system may not be removed and must remain in complete working order.





Only pure methanol may be used. No fuel additives except top end lube are allowed. An AN fitting welded on steel fuel rail (no hose clamps) is mandatory.

ATTENTION: To run the Tulsa Shootout you may only run fuel purchased from Simons Petroleum at the Event

Fuel Cell:

A tail tank with bladder or a fuel safe cell is mandatory and must be securely mounted.





All cars must be self-starting at the beginning of the event. If it does not self-start, the car may be pushed off and must start at the rear of the event as the penalty.





Tire compound on the right rear must be a Hoosier ASCS2. Durometer must be 48 or higher immediately after the race.

Tire compound on the left rear must be a minimum of a Hoosier RD15 compound. Durometer must be 35 or higher immediately after the race.

No tire warmers are permitted at any time. No chemicals can be applied to tires at any time. The only tire modifications allowed are siping and grooving. Tire Bleeders are not allowed.

Bead locks recommended on all wheels.




Chassis Adjusters:

A top wing adjuster, manual or electric, may be used. A second optional adjuster is allowed.

No anti roll bars are allowed.

ATTENTION: To run the Tulsa Shootout ALL adjusters are prohibited




Chassis Specs:

Wheelbase must be between 58” to 67”.

Weight Limit is 775 pounds when using wings or 750 pounds wingless.

Sprint Car appearance is required.

Frame must be fabricated from 4130 Chromoly tubing and TIG welded. Minimum roll cage tubing of 1-1/4” x .065” must be used.

No titanium bolts or components on the chassis.



Top Wing:

Center air foil cannot exceed 12 sq. ft. (1728 sq. in.) of surface area. Surface area is defined by the length x width of the flat plane of the largest projection of the center foil.

Top Wing must not extend beyond outside of rear tires or behind the rear bumper.

Center foil must be square or rectangular in shape with all 4 corners set to 90 degree angles.

Center foil must be one piece. No split or bi-wings permitted.

Maximum dimension of each side panel is 54-1/4” x 24-1/4”. Only two side panels allowed. No kick-out allowed. Panels must be parallel. Maximum of 2” deep side panel, this is the protrusion of the stiffening members not including the struts (tubular or flat bar bracing).

ATTENTION: To run the Tulsa Shootout the top wing may only be 10 sq. Ft. max with left side board being 24" x 48" and right side board being 18" x 48"



Nose Wing:

A nose wing is optional.

Center air foil cannot exceed 4 sq. ft. (576 sq. in.) of surface area. Surface area is defined by the length x width of the flat plane of the largest projection of the center foil.

Nose wing must not extend beyond the outside of the front tires or beyond the front bumper.

Center foil must be one piece. No split or bi-wings permitted. The maximum dimension of each side panel is 10-1/4” x 24-1/4”. Only two side panels allowed. Panels must be parallel. No kick-out allowed. Maximum of 2” deep side panel, this is the protrusion of the stiffening members not including the struts (tubular or flat bar bracing).

ATTENTION: To run the Tulsa Shootout the front wing may only be 18" x 24"




Cars must have front and rear bumpers that extend beyond the front and rear tires. These bumpers must be made of steel or stainless and not of bent conduit. A hooped rear bumper is recommended.



Nerf Bars:

All cars must be equipped with nerf bars. Nerf bars cannot extend past the outside of the tires.



Seat Belts:

Seat belts must be worn at all times. They are to be securely fastened to the car and must be of the 5 point design. Seat belts must be in good condition with no tears or fraying.



Arm Restraints:

Arm restraints must be of a design that will not allow the drivers arms to extend out of the top of the car or past the nerf bars.



Gloves and Driver Suits:

Gloves must be fire retardant and overlap the sleeves of the driver suit.

The Driver Suit must be a brand name two layer or greater or have fire retardant undergarments and allow for no exposed skin below the neck.



Neck Brace:

A neck brace or Hans Device or equivalent must be worn at all times.




Helmets are to be full coverage competition type fire retardant and SA2010 or newer. Helmet may not have any outer damage. A face shield must be worn.



Safety Inspections:

Safety inspections will be conducted at the beginning of the season and randomly during the season. Each car will undergo a safety inspection and receive an ACMS Series safety decal. Safety issues throughout the year will be corrected before allowing the car to compete.




A full containment seat is recommended.



Race Procedures:

All cars will pull a pill to create the heat race lineup. The heat race will be 8 laps.

The feature lineup will be determined by the winner of the first heat race drawing a pill for starting positions. Feature races will be 20 laps. Vacancies caused by a car not being able to start will not be filled. Cars will slide forward to replace cars missing from line ups. (we will not be crossing over)

If a driver changes rides after the heat race that driver must start from the rear.



Payout per night:

The payout for the event will be based on points from the feature and the car count. Payout will be distributed by the track.



Post-Race Procedure:

All cars must report for weigh-in after the race. Tires will be checked when crossing the scale for proper left rear and right rear compounds. The cars to go through tech will be determined by the track officials.

The following items will be teched:

Tire Durometer

The hood must be removed to check for any cockpit adjustable electronic devices and to check the rev limit on the tachometer.

Cars to be teched must remain in the tech shed until tech is complete. If a car leaves early or does not appear for tech they will be disqualified.




All protests shall be made prior to payout. All protests shall be made in writing naming the specific item being protested and be given to the ACMS Series representative. Only registered drivers or car owners may file a protest. Protest cost for any external item or involving the removal of the oil pan is $100.00. Protest cost for any internal item involving tearing the engine apart is $500.00. All decisions will be made fairly and in accordance with the rules. (ALL DECISIONS ARE FINAL!)

Money posted for the protest will be distributed as follows: If the protest is founded 75% will be returned to the filer and 25% to the ACMS Series. If the protest is unfounded 75% will be given to the protested car and 25% to the ACMS Series.




Points will be awarded for both the Heat Race and the Feature. Only cars who take the green for the Heat Race will be awarded points for the Heat Race. Only cars who take the green for the Feature will be awarded points for the Feature.


Heat Race:       Feature:  
1st 10   1st 30   13th 12
2nd 9   2nd 28   14th 11
3rd 8   3rd 26   15th 10
4th 7   4th 24   16th 9
5th 6   5th 22   17th 8
6th 5   6th 20   18th 7
7th 4   7th 18   19th 6
8th 3   8th 17   20th 5
9th 2   9th 16   21st 4
10th 1   10th 15   22nd 3
      11th 14   23rd 2
      12th 13   24th 1